Versamill 5X200 5-Axis Dental Milling CNC Machine

Product Code: 5X200 5 Axis Dental Milling CNC Machine
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The Versamill 5X200 5 Axis Dental Milling CNC Machine is completely brand new,authentic,original,box sealed which included all accessories and 2-years globally warrantied.


                                                                                                        Technical Specification:


Travel Limits (X,Y & Z Axis) 330mm X-Axis, 146mm Y-Axis, 145mm Z-Axis
Travel Limits (A & B Axis) ± 180 Degrees A-Axis, ± 30 Degrees B-Axis
Maximum Feedrate (X,Y & Z Axis) 6,000 mm/min
Maximum Feedrate (A & B Axis) 30 RPM
Spindle 60,000 RPM 3Kw Air Cooled
Automatic Tool Changer 15 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor
Rectangular Material Block 100mm X 100mm X 28mm
Circular Material Block 98.3Ø Disc
Machine Dimensions 745mm (W) X 830mm (L) X 1765mm (H)
Installation Space 1220mm (W) X 900mm (L) X 2025mm (H)
Coolant Cabinet Dimensions 500mm (W) X 813mm (L) X 1085mm (H)
Weight 405 kg
Gross Weight (For Shipment) 475 kg
Accuracy ±5.0µm
Repetability ±3.0µm
Input Power 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase, 15 amps
Clamp Diameter/Tool Shank 6.0mm


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